4 WAYS TO STAY SUN SMART FOR CONSTRUCTION WORKERS  Construction sites are often exposed to extreme sunlight, lacking any kind of natural shade. Therefore, it is vital that you follow the 4 steps below to ensure you are protected from the harsh summer heat and stay safe while working on any construction site.  SUN LOTION  Applying sun cream at regular intervals (every 2 – 3 hours).  This acts as a protective layer deflecting UV rays emitted from the sun and protecting

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Now Recruiting for Hinkley Point C!!

Welcome to Bridgwater in Somerset just 8 miles from one of the world’s most expensive construction sites (£18 billion and counting) Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station. Our team were there a few days ago and we are now looking for the following trades to start work within the next couple of weeks : Labourers, Ground Workers, Plant Operators, Traffic

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Practical Resourcing

7 PRACTICAL REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BE USING CREWIT RESOURCING!!! Take the hassle out of recruitment – you choose the best, we’ll do the rest! Including: 1. Tried and Tested Workforce Many of our workers have worked through us before, so we know how good they are. Those that haven’t worked for us are extensively referenced so we can be

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We’re Hiring!!

Ground Workers Needed in Avon & Somerset Due to our recent success in winning contracts along the M5 corridor (including Hinkley Point C) Crewit Resourcing now need experienced CSCS & CPCS Ground Workers to start work ASAP. For More Information contact Richard on 0203 368 8531 / 07384 258797 or

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Data Security

IT SECURITY    It’s a serious matter. Do you know if your personal data is protected when applying for a job online? For job seekers, do you know whether the websites you are using to apply for a job are secure when submitting your personal data online? You should not be uploading any personal data – address, date of

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CV Advice

Everyone has an opinion on what makes a good CV but there are a few guidelines that everyone should stick to. Your single most important marketing tool is your CV. It is important, therefore, that it lists your best-selling points relevant to the job you are applying for, and be short and concise. It is highly likely that your CV will

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Changes to the National Minimum Wage

The National Minimum Wage is the minimum pay per hour almost all workers are entitled to. The National Living Wage is higher than the National Minimum Wage – workers get it if they’re over 25. It doesn’t matter how small an employer is, they still have to pay the correct minimum wage. Year 25 and over 21 to 24 18

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Congratulations to the Crewit team for a successful 2017 and recent relocation to their new home in London, Waterloo. Over the past couple of years Crewit Resourcing has enjoyed continuous growth working with the construction industry across London and the Home Counties helping to provide quality teams to contractors of all types and sizes. Managing Director Gary O’Keefe “it really

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